Taking Charge of Your Future – September Registration is Open!

Session 1_CoverOur premier program, Taking Charge of Your Future, was launched in 2009.  Over 300 people have participated in this program and over 85% have successfully landed a new job or career. Those who embrace the program are the most successful participants.

Whether going for an internal promotion, returning to the workforce, transitioning from college to work, or exploring a career change, this program is a low-cost solution to get your strategy planned and implemented.

Due to popular demand, we are moving to an online meeting format. This will open up this successful program to participants regardless of geographic location.

Our September online meetings have been scheduled and begin September 7, 2016. To register, please click on this link for program details:

Taking Charge – September 2016

Questions? Please contact our Executive Director, Mimi Fuger at mimi@ctcwm.org.


Free Workshop on Effective Interviewing on August 23!

Next StepsLogo_2016This is an excellent opportunity to get feedback and tips on where and what the hiring teams are looking for in the talent they need to complete their teams.  We will discuss the different styles and formats for Interviewing: phone screens, panel, behavioral and one-to-one interviews.

Create a positive and lasting impression. Learn essential techniques of how to ace interviews in today’s job market and how to negotiate terms of employment.

Registration is required to register, click here:

Interviewing: Informational, Probing and Behavior Interviewing. Are you ready?

Thursday, August 23 at 07:00PM online. Once registered. you will receive enrollment information and meeting information. 

 Open to everyone, regardless of where you live!

NEW! Free Workshops for the Next Step in Your Career. August and September Registration is Open!

Next StepsLogo_2016“Next Steps To-Go” is a no cost program to assist job seekers, career changers, and people interested in  the next step their career development within their company. After reviewing feedback we received, we are trying something different of 2016. New for 2016, our meetings are held online to facilitate travel and scheduling for our participants.

This program is designed provide discussions with Human Resource professionals on best practices in finding opportunities and how to develop relationships with the different types of HR professionals you may encounter in your networking and job search. We highly encourage you to share your experience – what works for you and what situations were not productive.

It was highly recommended that you participate in each session as the conversation progresses with each session.

Schedules can be found by clicking links for each program.  Topics include:

— Communicating Your Brand – Resumes, Pitches, and On-Line Profiles

This session is the keystone of our the Next Steps program. During this session, participants work to identify their innate talents, describe their key functional, technical, and behavioral competencies, as well as setting the foundation for developing the approaches to their verbal and written communications.

Next Steps To-Go participants continue to develop their personal branding message in written and verbal communications. Topics focused upon include:

  • “Pitches”
  • Resumes
  • On-line profiles
  • Applications

with emphasis on aligning the message they are sending about professional value in the marketplace.

Questions to be explored:

  • What’s my personal brand and how do I leverage it in my communications.
  • What formats are most effective? Is your resume functional or accomplishment based?
  • How are you tracking your on-line profiles? Are you falling off the radar?

Networking is an essential life skill in today’s world. In this session, participants explore strategies and techniques in building, managing, and nurturing an effective professional network.

— Interviewing: Informational, Probing and Behavior Interviewing. Are you ready?

Create a positive and lasting impression. Learn essential techniques of effective interviewing in today’s job market It’s more than formal interviewing.

New Programs for Fall 2016!


In response to the feedback we have received on our programs, we are making changes to our programs. The most significant changes are, lower costs for “One-to-One” coaching and “Taking Charge of Your Future” and on line workshops available to anyone regardless of geographic location.

We are able to make these changes due to support from small private donors who believe in the work we do. Many of these donors are former clients of Career Transitions Center WMI. They believe through experience our programs for job seekers and those considering a career change and allowing us to serve those outside the Greater Grand Rapids area. We are grateful for these supporters that are assuring the sustainability of our organization.

We will still provide our popular free programs, “Next Steps to Go”. These are interactive small group meetings held on line so we can learn how we can best support you wherever you are living and where you are in your career.  We realize that there is nothing like personal interaction, however we are inviting our friends and supporters on the Lakeshore or in any location in West Michigan to join us for these informative web meetings!

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Free Workshops for the Next Step in Your Career!

Next StepsLogo_2016

We are pleased to offer our series of free workshops for job seekers and those considering a career change called Next Steps to Go: Tips and Strategies for Your Career . Our facilitators and speakers are human resource and hiring professionals that are volunteering their time to help you if you are ready to make a change or update your career strategy.

New for this Fall, we are holding our free workshops on-line. We have been asked to open up our availability of these workshops, so no matter where you live, you are invited to join us.

To register, click on link for the workshops you are interested in joining our interactive web meeting. We strongly suggest if you are able to attend all the workshops, it would be most beneficial for your experience. When you register, we will email you instructions on joining the on line meeting.

August 16 or 30 at 7-8:30PM ETCOMMUNICATING YOUR BRAND: Resumes, Pitches, and On-Line Profiles

Marketing your strengths and accomplishments is more than having a resume. On-Line profiles and applications have changed the hiring process. What makes an effective cover letter?  Is your message being clearly communicated not only verbally but in written form? Join us for advice from a professional on how to optimize and manage your marketing materials

 Registration Workshop 1

August 18 or September 1 –NETWORKINGWhat is Your Strategy? How’s it Working?

Networking is more than attending events. What is your goal in attending events? What is informational interviewing? What about relationships with recruiters?Are you establishing follow-up with all your contacts? How do you rate your contacts and how often do you keep in touch?

Registration Workshop 2

August 30 or September 6– INTERVIEWING: Informational, Probing and Behavior Interviewing. Are you ready?

We will help you understand the different types of interviewing and how you can prepare yourself for communicating your value in any situation. Informational interviews include phone screens and video interviews as well as meeting new contacts. The difference between probing and behavioral interview questions and how to prepare your answers.

Registration Workshop 3