Next Steps to Go – Free Seminars for Your Job, Your Career

Next StepsLogo_2016“Next Steps To-Go” is a free, online interactive workshop program to assist

  • job seekers,
  • career changers,
  • new and recent  graduates
  • and people interested pursuing the next step their career development within their company.

After reviewing feedback we received, we are trying something different of 2016. New for 2016, our meetings are held online to facilitate travel and scheduling for our participants.

This program is designed provide discussions with Human Resource professionals on best practices in finding opportunities and how to develop relationships with the different types of HR professionals and others that you may encounter in your networking and job search. We highly encourage you to share your experience – what works for you and what situations were not productive.

We highly recommended that you participate in each session as the conversation progresses with each session in this program.

Schedules can be found by clicking links for each workshop.  Topics include:

— Communicating Your Brand – Resumes, Pitches, and On-Line Profiles

During this session, participants work to identify their innate talents, describe their key functional, technical, and behavioral competencies, as well as setting the foundation for developing the approaches to their verbal and written communications.

  • What are you using for marketing materials when you are networking? What does your contact card look like? Do you have a bookmark and when do you use it? What feedback have you gotten?
  • Resumes are still important but have changed in the type of content we are looking for. Format matters and we’ll discuss the best formats for where you are in your career.
  • Online profiles. Does your LinkedIn profile align with your resume. Are you using keyword optimization? What about your pr0files with companies you have applied to? How do you track and maintain them? What online job boards do you have your profile and resume posted. How do you maintain them?

Next Steps To-Go participants continue to develop their personal branding message in written and verbal communications. Topics focused upon will also include:

  • “Pitches”. It’s having that 30 second elevator pitch, but what about a 90 second and 2 minute pitch. When is too much information.
  • Applications and Cover Letters. Are cover letters really read? If you include your resume, why do you fill out an application? How you can cut down your time in filling out applications.

This workshop focuses on aligning the message they are sending about professional value in the marketplace.

Questions to be explored:

  • What’s my personal brand and how do you leverage it in your communications.
  • What formats are most effective? Is your resume functional or accomplishment based?
  • How are you tracking your on-line profiles? Are you falling off the radar?

Networking is an essential life skill in today’s world. In this session, participants explore strategies and techniques in building, managing, and nurturing an effective professional network. We will discuss the different roles and approaches in optimizing your networking activities.

— Interviewing: Informational, Probing and Behavior Interviewing. Are you ready?

Create a positive and lasting impression. Learn essential techniques of effective interviewing in today’s job market It’s more than formal interviewing.

  • How do you approach, establish and maintain your contacts? What’s informational interviewing? Are you turning your facilitators into targets?
  •  What’s a probing question? How does your response different from responses to behavioral questions? How do you handle questions that may be inappropriate or illegal?
  • What is behavioral interviewing? What’s the most effective way to prepare for behavioral questions? How does that relate to your personal brand?

We look forward to having you join us for these highly informational workshops! Let us put some “horsepower” into the next step in your career.

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