We Can Help You Take Charge of Your Career Future! November Program


Part 1 РPersonal Branding. What are your strengths and accomplishments? How do you use these to give you and your message clarity and work towards getting constancy in your profiles, resume, cover letters and interviews. Key to success in our program is attending all three workshops. After completing, we move onto Part 2. 

Our workshopon Nov. 15 is one of four sessions, in this 1-Hour conference call, we will discuss the impact¬†Personal Branding can have on your career. Questions that will be addressed may be similar to; “What does Personal Branding look like?”, “How important is Personal Branding?”, and “How can I establish a ‘Personal Brand’ that embodies, and highlights my professional characteristics?”.

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Workshop 2, Nov 17 – Resumes, Profiles, On-line applications. How do I manage my time and track contacts and applications.

Workshop 3 – Nov 20 Interviewing from Informational to formal interviewing.

Coaching scheduled with each participant. Group will decided on working sessions.

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